About Us

 Brothers’ Bistro came about when Ken realized his bachelor ways of eating at a different restaurant every night limited his cooking knowledge, so he turned to his twin brother, Kevin for help. Ken is a singer-songwriter and former aerospace executive who found a new passion in being a health coach. He likes long, romantic walks on the beach while listening to classic rock and drinking a nice glass (or bottle) of red wine. (*Serious inquiries only.) Kevin is a retired fire chief with a life-long love of health and fitness who is now helping people live a healthier life with his beautiful wife, Melanie. The saying goes, he made Ken everything he is today. As these two dudes discovered, healthy recipes were ridiculously complicated and easy recipes weren’t healthy. Ken and Kevin are now on a mission to help people learn how to make healthy recipes in a less complicated manner. Brothers’ Bistro - recipes so simple, even a dude can make them!